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We've had a number of customers contact us recently in regard to an e-mail that they've received that appears to be coming from an administrative FrontierNet, Citlink, or Newnorth e-mail account.  Please be advised, this message is *not* from FrontierNet, Citlink, or Newnorth, but is actually a virus spoofing our domains in the headers of the e-mail.

W32.Beagle.J@mm is a mass-mailing worm
that uses its own SMTP engine to spread through email. For more details on this virus, click here.

is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the email addresses it finds when scanning the hard drives and mapped drives. The "sender" of the email is spoofed, and its subject line and message body of the email vary.

The e-mail may appear to have come from:

The subject line of the message may be:

Mail Delivery (failure
Mail Delivery (failure
Mail Delivery (failure
Re: Mail Authentification
Re: Mail Notification
Re: Encrypted Mail
Re: Extended Mail
Re: Status
Re: Notify
Re: SMTP Server
Re: Mail Server
Re: Delivery Server
Re: Bad Request
Re: Failure
Re: Thank you for delivery
Re: Test
Re: Administration
Re: Message Error
Re: Error
Re: Extended Mail System
Re: Secure SMTP Message
Re: Protected Mail Request
Re: Protected Mail System
Re: Protected Mail Delivery
Re: Secure delivery
Re: Delivery Protection

The text of the message may be:

Bad Gateway: The message has been attached.
Delivered message is attached.
Encrypted message is available.
ESMTP [Secure Mail System #334]: Secure message is attached.
First part of the secure mail is available.
Follow the instructions to read the message.
For further details see the attachment.
For more details see the attachment.
Forwarded message is available.
If the message is not displayed automatically, follow the link to read the delivered message.  Received message available at (link).
New message is available.
Now a new message is available.
Partial message is available.
Please authenticate the secure message.
Please confirm my request.
Please read the attachment to get the message.
Protected Mail System Test.
Protected message is attached.
Protected message is available.
Secure Mail System Beta Test.
SMTP: Please confirm the attached message.
Waiting for a Response. Please read the attachment.
Waiting for authentification.
You got a new message.
Your requested mail has been attached.

If you feel that your computer may be infected with a worm, there are several websites that can provide you with more information on the worm's capabilities and assist you in its removal:

Symantec Security Response

McAfee Virus Information

McAfee AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team)

Trend Micro Security Information

Frontier is not responsible for investigating the presence of a virus, worm, or Trojan on your computer, ensuring that your computer is protected with anti-virus software, the installation of anti-virus software, running live updates or updating virus definition files, or the removal of viruses, worms, or Trojans from infected computers under your control.  We do strongly recommend, however, to insure your computer's integrity, that you install and maintain virus protection software and run and install all critical Windows updates.


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